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Magical Mermaid Decor in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, NCR

The little mermaid 'Ariel' and her cute fish friends-a joy and delight for sweet little kids! Give your child a lovely surprise by getting a themed decoration of their favourite mermaid character- and make her feel like she is in a fantasy land! Children, especially girls, love the concept of fairytales and magic. So we bring the magic to them! Imagine your little one opens her eyes on her bday, and is surprised with this magical mermaid decor. This unique decor consists of a square arc of 200 purple,green, dark metallic green balloons, 2 mermaid foil balloons/cutout, 6 multicolour tassles hanging on a string, 3 purple pom poms, 3 green pom poms, 3 pink pom poms, 1 happy birthday bunting anf 50 balloons in a combination of purple,green and metallic green will be floating loose on the floor.

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What's included

  • 200 balloons to form square arc: Purple, green, Dark metallic green color
  • 50 balloons loose on floor: Purple, green, Dark metallic green color
  • 2 mermaid foil balloons/cutouts(depending upon availability)
  • 6 multicolor tassles: Hanging on a string
  • 9 Pom-Poms : Purple, blue, Pink color (3 each)
  • 1 happy birthday bunting
  • Decoration will be done at the choice of your location

Need to know

  • Cutouts and Stands will be taken back next day
  • Choice of themed cutout or foil balloon will be dependent upon the availability of material
  • These are only reference images. The actual setup might differ from the image
  • Your address & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking
  • Tape will be used to attach balloons on the wall


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Cancellation Policy
  • 5 days or more before experience: Cancellation with 90% Refund
Reschedule Policy
  • No reschedule is possible for this experience
Other Info
  • Limited slots available for this experience.

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