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Have fun while you learn grooming and riding horses in a quaint stable
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Stable date - Couple Horse Riding Experience in Jaipur

Are you an animal lover or want to try something new - go horse riding. At the quaint stables a short drive away from the city’s chaos. Once at the farm, you lose your fear and find the gentlest of animal friends in the horses, know more about them and their stories. You learn how to groom your new friends - make them look pretty and get them ready for your ride. And then at your own pace learn horse riding or show-off your talent to your partner. All this is bound to make for great conversations and lot of fun

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What's included

  • 30 mins of Hands-on horse grooming
  • 30 mins horse riding
  • Training by a champion rider
  • Safety gear
  • More time at a picturesque farm

What's excluded

  • Pick-up or drop

Need to Know

  • Kindly wear comfortable clothing that enables easy movement e.g. jeans. You don’t need hifi riding boots, just shoes with smooth sole with small heels like the “office” black shoes.
  • You are allowed to bring your own food and drink.
  • This experience is great for a double date - book for your friend and their partner on the customisations screen.


Gajadhar pura, Kalwar Road, Jaipur


Monday 6-8 AM to 5-8 PM

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