Republic Day Office Decor

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Office decoration for 26th January

Republic Day is a wonderful occasion for all of us as to cherish our country and fuel our patriotism. If you are planning an office decoration to liven up the workspace, opt for our Republic Day Special Decor - consisting of balloons in orange, white & green, tricolor kites & flags.

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What's included

  • 300 balloons in form of bunches/ singles decorating the Ceiling, Work Desks & Walls
  • 54 of the (Total 300 Balloons) balloons forming a flag wall
  • 20 tricolour kites
  • 20 Small flags

Need to know

  • You will have to provide a stool or ladder to reach the ceiling
  • We discourage Helium balloons for home use as it is an asphyxiant - it can suffocate you. We use air balloons, fix them to your ceiling with a removable cello-tape (generally no mark on ceiling but please remove within 24 hours) to create the same experience as helium balloons.
  • Your address & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking
  • Surge will be applied for same day bookings
  • Surge will be applied for same day bookings


At your given address

Cancellation Policy
  • 100% refund on cancellation upto 6 hours before the experience. No Questions Asked. To cancel the booking drop us an email on

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