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Experience enchanting candlelight dinners in Kolkata. Enjoy exquisite decorations, delectable cuisine, and a dreamy ambiance. Choose from a romantic poolside setting, a rooftop escape with breathtaking views, or a private movie setup with a sumptuous dinner. Create unforgettable memories on the perfect date night.

Book CherishX’s Candle Light Dinner for a Delightful Evening in Kolkata

There is something exceptionally amazing about classics, they never fail to woo and impress. Such a classic romantic gesture is candle light dinners. The charm of dining with your faces glowing in the candle light and your lips wide with gleaming smiles can’t be understated. Netflix and chill might be cool but what’s the epitome of romance, shall remain to be it. Candle light dinners are beautiful but organizing them is a little difficult, especially if it’s you doing all the running to make the arrangements. So, to make it easier for you, we have tried answering some common questions that one might have while organizing an evening as special as this. We hope it helps!

What is a Candlelight Dinner?

This question is very common. Everyone has heard this term but only a few know what it actually means. Candle light dinners are basically dinners eaten in the candlelight and just that. Its importance is to focus on each other, the romance between two people, and spending time with each other without any sort of distractions (not even phone screens). On a candle light dinner it doesn’t matter what the menu is, what matters is the conversations you have, the laughs that you share, and the memories that you create to cherish later.

How do you dress for a Candle light Dinner?

Dressing up for something classic demands a formal appearance. If you and your partner are going out for a candlelight dinner then the best you can dress is in a suit for men and a chic black or red dress for women. Dark colours are highly recommended so that it’s your face glowing in the candlelight. Women can pick for those high heels this time as it will be a seated affair with no exertion but lots of romance. For more details on how to dress, visit the following pages. for men, for women.

I Stay in Kolkata. Do you provide Candle light Dinner services here?

Kolkata is a great city to visit. If you’re planning to have a candlelight dinner date with your close one then don’t worry. To make your date special, we provide some of the best candle light dinners in Kolkata in different categories. You can plan your date with poolside candle light dinner, rooftop candle light dinner or a private candle light dinner in Kolkata. You can make your date much more exciting by booking some customizations such as cake or flowers. You can surprise your special one just where you are!

Moreover, if you are looking for any decor for any other occasions then you can plan that as well with us. We can help you arrange baby shower decor ,birthday special decorations, anniversary decorations and more. You can also arrange some gifts such as balloon boxes to make the night special in Kolkata.

How do I Organize a Romantic Candle Light Dinner in Kolkata?

As mentioned earlier, organizing a candlelight dinner isn’t very easy, especially if it isn’t at your house. You might have to look up a nice spot on google, then speak with them to set things as per your taste, get the menu done, and arrange for every other thing all by yourself. By the time you’ll be going for dinner, you might get exhausted and your dinner might not turn out as expected. So, the best alternative is booking it with CherishX. The romantic candlelight dinner experiences that we have, give you multiple options, styles, and locations to choose from.

How Should I Arrange for a Private Candle light Dinner in Kolkata?

Arranging for a dinner like this can be a little complicated. You might have to speak to the hotel/restaurant managing team to make the special arrangements for you and mostly by paying extra. The best option is to book a private candlelight dinner package with CherishX. By doing so, you won’t have to struggle with doing it all on your own. Moreover, we have a lot of great options for you to pick from. Please click here to find all our Private Candlelight Dinner options.

Do you Provide Rooftop Candle Light Dinners?

Yes, we provide rooftop candle light dinners in Kolkata. For your easy access, we have created a separate category as Rooftop Candle light Dinners in the Kolkata section. You can find the ones of your choice and book them online.

Where do I take my Partner for their Birthday or Anniversary Celebration in the Area of Kolkata?

If you are planning to do something special for your partner on their birthday/anniversary, take them for a romantic candlelight dinner at a 5-star property. There are many places for candle light dinners in Pune. We have partnerships with The Hyatt, The Taj Hotels, The Rosette, Radisson, Marriott, Lalit etc all across India. You can book these places and many more for candlelight dinners at 5 star Hotels with CherishX.

Are there any Open-Air Candle Light Dinners Available in Kolkata?

Yes! There are plenty of open-air dining experiences available on the website that you can book. You can explore them on CherishX and even book it from there!

What Areas do you provide service for Candle Light Dinner in Kolkata for Couples?

We cover ALL areas in Kolkata- Ballygunge, Jadavpur, Dum Dum, Alipore, Park Street, Golf Green, Tollygunge, Bhawanipur, Salt Lake, Behala, Narendrapur, Sealdah, Golf Green, and more.

Why Choose CherishX for the Arrangement of Candle light Dinner in Kolkata?

Our team has been arranging candle light dinners in Kolkata for over 5+ years and they know how to make your moments beautiful. We always let our customers speak for us, so go ahead and read our reviews before booking any Baby Shower Decorations Package from our website.

How do I book a Candlelight Dinner with CherishX?

You can book a candlelight dinner on CherishX by following the below steps:

  • Choose a candlelight dinner package according to your taste.
  • Select the date and time for dinner.
  • Fill in the required details like your address, requirements, customizations, etc.
  • Complete the payment process.

That’s it, you’re done! All you have to do is take your partner for this amazing date.

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