Deluxe Lion King Decor

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Lion King Decor For Kids

Kids love "The lion King" and whenever they watch it, they just want to leave everything behind and go live in the jungle, among animals. But it's not that easy. However, we at CherishX have something that will fulfill your kid's wish and give them an amazing Lion King feel, right at your home! Our elaborate Lion King Theme decor!

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What's included

  • 100 balloons to form backdrop:Green
  • 200 balloons to form an sqaure arc and base arc: Green and yellow combination(100 each)
  • 100 balloons each to form 2 trees : Brown and Green
  • 15 long leaves strings; Green
  • 1 each foil balloon; Giraffee, monkey, lion, tiger, dinosaurs
  • 12 balloons forming grass look: yellow & green (6each)
  • Decoration will be done by our team at a location of your choice

Need to know

  • Cello Tape will be used to attach balloons on the wall
  • Your address & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking
  • You will have to provide a stool or ladder to reach the ceiling
  • Surge will be applied for same day bookings


At your location

Cancellation Policy
  • 5 days or more before experience: Cancellation with 90% Refund
Reschedule Policy
  • No reschedule is possible for this experience
Other Info
  • Limited slots available for this experience.

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