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Birthdays are one of the most special events in people’s lives. Be it your mom n dad’s birthday, your spouse’s birthday, or your own, the wish and intention are to make it as special as possible. So we all go on this spree of thinking of a birthday surprise, planning a birthday party, and getting the best birthday gift possible for our loved ones. However, doing it all isn’t as easy as it may seem. The right ideas sometimes just don’t seem to cross your mind! The struggle is overwhelming and exhausting and we truly get it. So, to help you out in the best way possible for a birthday celebration, we’ve tried to answer some questions related to the same. Hope that helps!

What are some good birthday party ideas?

So, you’re planning a birthday party but you don’t know what to do and what to add to it to make it special. Don’t worry, we got that covered. To plan a birthday party, it’s important to decide its elaboration/size.

If it’s going to be huge with a big guest list, then some great ideas for that could be a themed party with Birthday Decorations

If it’s your partner’s birthday and you want to keep it an intimate affair your can go out for a Romantic Candlelight Dinner

In case it is your friends or parent’s birthday you can also look to buy a personalised birthday gift for the person to make them feel special

What can I do for my wife/ girlfriend’s birthday surprise?

If you wish to surprise your GF or wife on their birthdays, the best way is to take them out for candlelight dinner or private dining experience. Women in general, love gestures that are romantic and sweet. This can surely be something that can work for you. Another way to surprise them is to throw a nice birthday party for them where all their closest friends and family are invited to celebrate their day. You can also book a surplosion box, a photo box, or something similar for a gift for them with CherishX.

What can I do for my husband/BF’s birthday surprise?

If you want to surprise your husband on their birthday, you can book a luxury ride for them if they love wheels. You can also host a movie screening at home for him with his friends, where they can watch matches or their favorite movies. Another way is to throw him a surprise birthday party for which you can book a birthday decoration for your husband with CherishX. You can also book a car boot birthday surprise decoration and drive to your boyfriend if he is away and surprise him!

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