Movie Date Night

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Movie date Night

You don’t need a special occasion, just plan a different evening for your partner and maybe friends and family! Set-up a big screen movie evening with food cooked and presented by a private chef! And don’t forget those finer details - candles, wine, decorations.

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What's included

  • Projector and a movie screen with delivery & pickup
  • 200 balloons decoration
  • Candles & flower petals decoration

Need to know

  • You can add finer details such as guitarist, laptop, speakers etc. on the next screen
  • Mac (apple laptop) connectors are not available at all locations. Please let us know in advance if you want to connect the projector to a mac system.
  • We discourage Helium balloons for home use as it is an asphyxiant - it can suffocate you. We use air balloons, fix them to your ceiling with a removable cellotape (no mark on ceiling if removed within 2 days) to create the same experience as helium balloons.


Your home / selected delivery location

Projector company will setup the screen and projector at your place, balloon decorator will come separately for the decorations in your selected time slot
One or two people for the projector, screen setup and 1 decorator for balloon, candles and flower petals decoration

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