Multicoloured Birthday Decoration

Delivered to your given address

Colourful Balloon Birthday Surprise

"Birthdays are occasions of joy and celebration. They bring with them the opportunity to envision new dreams and spread colours of happiness. Which is why we bring to you our exclusive colourful balloon decor- a gorgeous cockatail of premium quality multicoloured balloons that will light up your occasion! This unique decor consists of an arc made of 150 balloons, which is a combination of red, blue, light green, dark green, yellow, pink, and purple balloons; along with 4 big pastel balloons and 11 colourful rosseates, 4 golden star foil balloons and 6 red confetti balloons, and 1 happy birthday blue foil balloon. The decoration will be done at your home or a location of your choice by our team of craftsmen.

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What's included

  • An arc of 150 balloons with a combination of red,blue,light green,dark green,yellow,pink,purple balloons
  • 4 Big pastel balloons & 6 confetti balloons
  • 1 Happy birthday blue foil balloon
  • 4 Golden star foil balloons
  • 11 colourful roseattes
  • Decoration will be done by our team at a location of your choice

Need to know

  • Tape will be used to attach balloons on the wall
  • Your address & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking
  • You will have to provide a stool or ladder to reach the ceiling
  • Surge will be applied for same day bookings


Delivered to your given address

Cancellation Policy
  • 100% refund on cancellation upto 6 hours before the experience. No Questions Asked. To cancel the booking drop us an email on

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