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Let's Celebrate Motherhood!

Baby Shower Decorations as Beautiful as the Occasion!

We believe that a child is their mother’s and father's pride, and they always strive to do the best for them. For expecting parents, this urge is just as strong and yet the lack of experience often puts them on edge. This is why an event like a Baby Shower is so important to help prepare and celebrate the expecting couple. For them, it is the start of a new beginning in their lives as they bring a new life into the world, and a celebration is essential to mark this milestone.

So let's plan one! CherishX has had great success with our baby shower decoration experiences and has planned many great events for expecting couples, set up either by them or their friends and family. Our goal has always been to make the celebrations memorable with our perfect array of decorations, cakes, and activities. You can plan a baby shower at home, on your terrace, or at a grand homely venue, and we will have your back.

All we ask you is to simply revel in the moment so you can welcome the baby among your loved ones, and we will take care of everything, that’s a CherishX promise. We believe that a grand start to a grand life needs a grand celebration, and we will do our utmost best to make it happen!

So welcome your baby with the best of preparations! We, at CherishX, congratulate the expecting couple and wish them an amazing life ahead!

Get Baby Shower Decoration in one click in Delhi NCR

For a day of fun and emotional moments with your loved ones, you might wanna make sure you choose the right aesthetic. So here are some ideas, tried and tested by us, that make up for great baby shower decorations!

Balloon Decorations

If you ask us, what is a party without some balloons? If you are a fan of balloon arches like Captain Holt, then these experiences are just the thing for you. Completely safe for pregnant mothers and great fun for the guests, our baby shower balloon decorations have always been a favourite among customers. Check out these simple decorations that are sure to win your heart, and see what fits the bill for you!

Flower Decorations

Floral Decorations are a great way to have a connection with nature in your baby shower. Have your home smell like a garden full of roses as you bask in the vibrant colours of the flowers prepared to perfection around you. Celebrate in a fresh-as-a-daisy environment that comes second only to the glow of the expecting mother!

Traditional Decorations

It is always a good idea to add a bit of Indian twist to things, and if you love decking yourself in ethnic clothing, this might be the one for you. These baby shower decorations are, as some would say, Indian-style! Find a perfect celebration among marigolds, diyas, rangolis, and many other traditional symbols carefully selected and designed by our expert decorators.

Theme Based Decorations

One of the best ways to put together an event like a baby shower is to go with a particular theme and have everything and everyone match with it. Dress codes, decorations, food, and activities related to any trending theme like Boho, Pumpkin, Teddy etc. go a long way in making a great aesthetic. With such a vibe, you are bound to have a day full of joy and Insta-worthy pictures!

Also, don’t forget the cake and make sure to capture the moment so you can look back at these beautiful memories along with your baby! All the best from CherishX!

Where Can You Find Us?

You can look around and find us anywhere in the country! Our services are available PAN India so you can celebrate occasions like baby showers and birthdays to the fullest, with beautiful decorations at your home.

If you are a resident of a place like Delhi NCR, Gurgaon & Noida , we, at CherishX, are simply a click or a call away. Our team is chronically online to support your every single need at all hours. You can text or call us on WhatsApp or connect with us on our social media channels.

We have amassed experience in providing different experiences for all the different places like Delhi NCR, and many other major states and cities. Check out what’s available in Delhi NCR by simply navigating to our website and selecting your region!

Also, feel free to tag us in your celebrations that we were lucky enough to be a part of, as our team of expert decorators takes great pride in their finesse. They look forward to hearing from you, and so do we!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to decorate a baby shower?

Planning a baby shower can be hard in itself. Your best bet is to find good baby shower decoration services like CherishX that can service your location. After that, it is simply a matter of choosing what you want and letting the experts do the rest. Make sure to align the choice of decorations with the theme and confirm your dates. You are all set then!

Q. How much does a baby shower cost in Delhi NCR?

Most of the cost of a baby shower goes towards the decorations and the food if you are planning it at your home. Leaving food aside, baby shower decorations at CherishX start as low as INR 1300 and reach up to INR 27,000. It is ultimately a choice of aligning one’s needs with their budget, so go through the various available decorations and decide on what works best for you.

Q. Which month is the baby shower done?

Baby showers are usually done at the start of the eighth month of the soon-to-be mom’s pregnancy. They are great ways to prepare the mother as well as the father for the coming joy and the challenges it will bring to their lives.

Q. What are some beautiful colours for a baby shower?

While people generally go with colours like blue and pink for baby shower celebrations, trends have begun to change and now include various other palettes too. Lots of people nowadays also opt for golden, green, and yellow decorations for baby showers according to their aesthetics.

Q. Where can I get baby shower decorations?

You can get the best quality baby shower decorations at affordable prices at CherishX. They are available in PAN-India and have exceptional designs and services. Also, for the DIY folks who like to decorate on their own and only need the items, feel free to check out Frillx for their amazing catalogue of decoration materials!

Q. What other services do you provide for a baby shower celebration?

As part of customisation in our decoration experiences, CherishX provides various other services like gifts, activities, cakes, photography, and much more. Check out our website to know the various ways we help people plan and execute events like baby showers all over India.

Q How to book baby shower decorations?

You can visit our website to choose and book any baby shower decorations that are to your liking. For any help or enquiry, you can contact us on WhatsApp at (+91) 9289571223, and we will be more than happy to assist you in your booking.

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