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The Art of Birthday Decoration - CherishX Style!

Birthdays are more than just a celebration of growing up. They are moments to stop, breathe, and take in the life you lived the past year. To reminisce, to be thankful, and most of all, to feel loved. And what better way to celebrate these auspicious new beginnings than amidst your loved ones in a place decked up like a palace!

We, at CherishX, have been in the business of birthday decorations for years now, and each celebration still brings a smile to our faces. To be able to make such a special occasion even more special with our unique birthday decorations is a blessing and we do not take it for granted. Over the years, we have perfected this art so that you can have Instaworthy events in the comfort of your homes.

We aim to make sure you can enjoy these special moments to the fullest without any stress. So leave the planning and decorating to us as we liven up your event. We are here to provide experiences that, and it is a promise, will last you a lifetime!

Birthday Decoration at home in Bangalore

One for Everyone!

Every person is unique in their own way, and so should their celebrations! This is a list of tried and tested ideas for an amazing birthday bash to tickle your brain. Pick and choose to find the best combination that works for you, and make it a reality with our customisable birthday decorations!

If you fancy a party where excitement knows no bounds, we are here to plan it with you!

Simple Birthday Decorations

Some folks like to have low-key lives, and we should give them what they want. For souls who do not like to complicate things, these simple birthday decorations are simplistic, convenient, and extremely affordable.

As they often say, Less is More!

Aesthetic Birthday Decorations

You can always base a birthday decoration at home around a single material that the birthday person likes. Some have an affinity for balloons while some people really dig flowers. And there are some who like the chic vibes of neon signs that make pictures futuristic! Find an aesthetic that suits your taste, be it balloon decorations or a bed of flowers, and just make the party come alive!

Romantic Birthday Decorations

Never forget, you get brownie points if you remember your partner’s birthday and you can amass even more if you plan them a surprise! Romance them off their feet with a great dining experience, or decorate their room like a floating castle, so you can make their smiles go wider than their eyes on the special day.

For the love you hold for your significant other, here are some amazing birthday decorations, some for him, and of course, some for her!

What’s a birthday without a present! Find the perfect gift here to match the occasion!

Kids Birthday Decorations

When it comes to kids, you have to make the day as special as it can be so that when they grow up and celebrate even more, they will always remember the birthdays they had in their childhood. Nothing better than making it a memory as loving as it would be nostalgic.

These are some ideas for first birthdays that they might not remember but will definitely look back to in pictures. So do well!

If your kid loved the Boss Baby movie or has an intense love for unicorns or simply cannot stop humming the latest Cocomelon jingle, these kids themed decorations are just the thing for you. Greet them with a birthday celebration as wonderful as the adventures of Spider-Man and we promise, their happiness will be at an all-time high!

You can also book exciting birthday activities like magic shows and tattoo parlors (temporary and safe, don’t worry!) here for a birthday as happening as the stories they tell when they are back from school!

Pet-safe Decoration for Paw-fect Birthdays

Pets are a part of the family, and every pet parent will agree with us. So don’t forget to celebrate their birthdays with a party as joyous as their smiles!

Open Space Decorations

Some celebrations should best happen under the open sky so you can feel the breeze as it flickers the candle on the cake and makes it a scene right out of the movies! So plan a party on your terrace or garden, or even the boot space of a car, the possibilities are simply endless!

Remember, you can share with us the plans in your mind and our team of experts will try their best to make it happen for a spectacular birthday celebration!

Where Can You Find Us?

CherishX is available online at all times and at our headquarters during office hours in Delhi. Our services extend all over India in every major state and city like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and more. So you can be planning an event in Bangalore and we will be there in a jiffy.

Our support team is always ready to assist you with any and every decoration need. You can contact us through calls, WhatsApp, mail, and many other social media channels.

We would love to hear from you about our services and even be a part of your tags on social media.

Also, feel free to find out the services available in Bangalore on our website by simply navigating to it in the location section. Our team of experts are available PAN - India so you can be in Jammu or Chennai or Kolkata, we will be there with our best foot forward.

Here’s to beautiful celebrations!

Want birthday decorations at your home in Bangalore? Look no further than at CherishX!
Be ready to enjoy the most exciting of birthday bashes as we take care of the rest!

Why Choose Us?

  • We have an extensive catalogue of birthday decorations to choose what suits your needs.
  • Expect on-time delivery of our services always!
  • Our team of expert decorators have an experience of more than 7 years on the job.
  • Our PAN India availability means the chance of an amazing birthday party is always near you!
  • We provide not decorations, but beautiful experiences at affordable rates that you can customise to your heart’s desire.

Book Your Dates Now!

The way forward is extremely simple!

  1. Pick your favourite experience from the vast number of choices.
  2. Set your area and date to check for availability.
  3. Customise according to your wants and needs.
  4. And you are done! With a press of a button, you are now promised the most beautiful of birthday celebrations.

Our team will visit promptly at the desired time and set everything up, so you can relax and focus on enjoying the special day with your loved ones.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How to decorate room for birthday?

Your best bet to decorate your room for a birthday celebration is to avail services of decorators like CherishX. Have a hassle-free experience as the decoration will be taken care of by experts according to your needs.

Q. How to book birthday decorators?

Choose the birthday decorator whose services you want to avail—for example, CherishX. Visit the website to browse the catalogue and pick your favourite. Simply customise and book for the date you want, and you are done!

Q. What are the prices for birthday decorations at home?

Prices for birthday decorations at home start from INR 1000 and can range up to INR 30,000.

Q. What kind of materials can be used in birthday decorations?

Expert Birthday Decorators often go towards balloons, flowers, fairy lights, and Neon signs for birthday decoration, either on their own or in a mix of materials.

Q. Where can you decorate a birthday party?

You can decorate a birthday party anywhere from your house to your terrace, garden, or even your car boot space! Some people also have these celebrations in restaurants and farmhouses.

Q. Where are your services available?

Our services are available all over India in all the major cities. You can always check the availability of our services on your location from our website or even contact us to make sure.

Q. What are your most popular birthday decorations?

Our most popular birthday decorations are balloon decorations - either arches or walls, sequin backgrounds, neon sign decorations, and rings.

Q. Is CherishX good for birthday decoration at home?

CherishX has a proven track record of more than 7 years as an excellent birthday decorator providing services PAN India. You can always check out the website and reviews to make sure.

Q. Where can I buy birthday decoration items for DIY?

Frillx is a great place to buy quality birthday decoration items for DIY at affordable prices.

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