Romantic Stay

Take your partner to a romantic candle light dinner with stay in Kolkata and surprise him or her on anniversaries and birthdays. Do something different than usual and plan a romantic getaway with us in Kolkata.

Surprise your special one with a Romantic Staycation in Kolkata

Keeping the romance alive in a relationship is important. Taking your partner on cute romantic dates is adorable but doing the same thing again and again makes it usual. So, trying something different such as a romantic stay at a hotel may be a great choice. A Romantic stay will keep the fire alive in your relationship. With a gorgeous room and candle light dinner, you can plan to surprise your date on birthdays and anniversaries.

Taking the difficulties and problems people face while planning a romantic stay at a hotel, we’ve tried to answer a few questions that one might have about planning the staycation and we hope it helps!

How to plan a Romantic Hotel Stay in Kolkata?

Well, with us, it’s easy to plan a romantic hotel stay in Kolkata. You can surprise your better half by choosing among the best hotels that provide you romantic stay with candle light dinners. After selecting, you can book one with us and get the stay done easily. All you have to do is book with us and everything else will be prepared for you by us. You can also choose to stay with a romantic candle light dinner for a romance filled experience.

What are the Different Romantic Staycations Available in Kolkata?

CherishX offers you many romantic staycation options in Kolkata. You can have a great time with your partner. Every experience has something special about it, so you won’t be left with casual stay at a hotel but more than that. You can book a Romantic Dinner and Stay at Newtown.

Can you suggest some Romantic Dinner and Overnight Stay Options in Kolkata?

Yes, we have many wonderful options for you where you get overnight stay and romantic dinner. Some of the options that you may choose to go for, are- .Stay with Candlelight Dinner, Candle light Dining with stay, Romantic Staycation & Candlelight Dining and more.

Which are the Major Cities where you provide Romantic Staycation?

Well, we provide our services in many cities. Over the years, we have expanded our reach to new areas and cities. At present, we are offering our services to the following cities-

Why choose CherishX for your Romantic Staycation?

Choosing CherishX Romantic Staycation will provide you with many benefits-

  • Firstly, you can book your experience with easy steps.
  • Second, you get a lot of things prepared for you at affordable prices.
  • Thirdly, we care about your emotions. We prepare for you the kind of experience that you want. Whether they are birthday surprises, candlelight dinners, or romantic staycation, we do our best to help you in your celebration!

How can I book a CherishX Romantic Staycation/ Daycation Service in Kolkata?

Booking a Staycation service on CherishX is actually very simple!

  • Choose a staycation package you like
  • Select date and time for the completion of the decor
  • Fill in the required details like your Address, Balloon Colors etc.
  • Complete the payment

That’s it, you are done. Our professional decorators will then come to your place on the selected date and time and complete the decoration.

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