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Celebrating Baby Showers with CherishX

Motherhood is one of the most important moments in a woman’s life. Her life changes the moment her baby comes into the world. There’s a level of anxiety but loads of joy. The joy of a new entrant in her life. But before she becomes a mother, her journey till then is full of celebrations. A part of these celebrations is the baby shower. If we come to the meaning of baby shower, the celebration is basically to commemorate a new beginning and ‘shower’ the mother- to- be with gifts that she might need when her kid comes into the world.

Planning a baby shower is not an easy task. It requires a lot of things to be kept in mind like decorations, games, guests, gifts, etc. Figuring it all out is tough especially if it’s a surprise to mother. Taking the difficulties and problems people face while planning the shower in mind, we’ve tried to answer a few questions that one might have about planning baby showers and we hope it helps!

What happens at a Baby shower?

At a baby shower, the mother to-be is showered with gifts that she might need to put into use with her baby. It involves things like baby shower rituals, games, food, and things like gender reveal. Indian baby showers also involve things like ceremonies or poojas.

Who Hosts the Baby Shower?

It is usually the responsibility of the closest friend of the mother or her family like sisters, mother, mother-in-law, or sometimes herself. Anyone can host the shower!

How to do the Baby Shower Decorations/baby Shower Ideas?

The baby shower decoration can be on a theme or according to the taste of the mother to be. It can include things like confetti, balloons, a decorated food table, cake, etc. One can always to the decorations by themselves but the CherishX services for a baby shower decoration is also a great idea. For more baby shower decoration ideas check the decorations above

How to Book a Baby Shower Decoration Service With CherishX?

Booking a baby shower decoration with CherishX is very simple!

  • Choose a baby shower decoration package according to your taste.
  • Select the date and time for the completion of the decor.
  • Fill in the required details like your address, requirements, customizations, etc.
  • Complete the payment process
That’s it, you’re done! Our professional decorators will then come to your place on the selected date and time to complete the task for you.

What Could be Some Ideas for Baby Shower Invitations?

Baby shower invitations could be printed or electronic, depending upon what you prefer. When it comes to designing the card, pick colors that are close to pink if its a girl and something around blue if its a boy. If you don’t know the gender yet, then pick a gender-neutral color theme like yellow or green. Once you have decided on the theme, put in the important details like date, time, venue, and contact number of the hostess.

What Could be Some Baby Shower Cake Ideas?

The cake is one of the highlights of a baby shower. So, it has to be something special. You can always do things like customizing the cake to look like a baby’s bib or a toy. You can also be creative with a funny baby-related message on a simple cake. For more baby shower cake-related ideas, please whatsapp us here

What Could be Some Perfect Baby Shower Gifts?

The idea behind hosting a baby shower is to shower the mother to be with gifts that might later come in handy with her baby. So a great baby shower gift could be something like a diaper set, milk bottles, bibs, jumpers, rompers, baby teething toys, towels, socks, etc. you could also gift something that the mother could use, like post-partum clothing, relaxing lights, etc.

What Baby Shower Games Can be Played to Make it a Fun Party?

A baby shower is about the mother, but that doesn’t mean that you should let your guests get bored. Fun baby shower games, that aren’t the old conventional kind can make it a fun experience and make the guests feel involved in the party. So, one could set up creative games like painting bibs, or pieces of cloth to be sewn together to make a blanket. Another fun game could be guessing what attributes the baby would get from his mother and father. You can also play games where people can bring their childhood pictures and people would have to guess who is who.

When Should One Have a Baby Shower?

It is usually preferred to have the baby shower a couple of weeks before the due date so that the mother has enough time to gather supplies and she is comfortable enough to enjoy the party.

How to Host a Budget-Friendly Baby Shower?

We can go overboard with celebrations but there is always a way to make it a budget-friendly a fun party. To host a budget-friendly baby shower, the following are some suggestions:

  • Invite only those people who matter to you and are happy to see you. Don’t gather people just because they are a friend.
  • Focus more on important things like decorations and food, something the guests and the mother to be would enjoy.
  • Go for baby shower DIY decoration kits by CherishX that are easy on the pocket and enable you to decorate the venue just as you like it.

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