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Romantic Lunch

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Having a romantic lunch with your partner is a special way to spend your time. Many people are busy in their day to day schedule because of which it becomes challenging for them to plan an outing. This is why CherishX brings you a lot of opportunities to experience beautiful time with your loved one. Many people have doubts regarding our services and experiences. So, to solve your difficulties, we have answered some common questions that have been arising in your minds-

Why Should I go for a Romantic Lunch?

Romantic lunch is a way to spend romantic moments with your partner. Planning a romantic lunch will help you to reminisce the best times of your relationship. It’s one of the best ways to appreciate your love and bonding. This is why CherishX also offers you great places and experiences for a romantic lunch. You can plan it out with your partner and choose the best ones. 

How should I Arrange for a Couple Lunch at Home?

Arranging a couple lunch at home becomes way more easy when you know what all you want to do. For instance, how do you want the decoration to be or what type of food you would like to have. Asking these questions to yourself and your partner will help you to plan it out. After that you can look out for the different decorations available on our CherishX website and choose one. You can easily book one and all the decorations will be done by our team. So, you just choose, sit and relax.

What are Some Best Romantic Lunch Experiences Offered by CherishX?

CherishX offers you many romantic lunch experiences. You can choose whatever suits you and your partner. Some of them are-

Can you Suggest Some Best Romantic Restaurants in Gurgaon?

There are many romantic restaurants in Gurgaon that you can go to. CherishX also offers you the opportunity to have a lunch date at the best of restaurants. Some of the best ones are-

  • Private Dining by Marriott
  • Romantic Private Dining at Radisson
  • Romantic Lunch at Pind Balluchi and more.

Do you have Tie Ups with any Best Rooftop Restaurants?

We have tied up with a variety of restaurants to provide the best service to you. CherishX does provide you lunch and dinner at rooftop restaurants. Our team arranges everything for you and all you have to do is just book. 

There are a variety of rooftop lunch and dinner options at CherishX. Some of them are as follows-

  1. Candid Rooftop Dinner, Bangalore
  2. Romantic Rooftop Candlelight Dinner, Bangalore
  3. Rooftop Poolside Candle Light Dinner, Bangalore
  4. Private Rooftop Dinner, Delhi NCR and many more.

Do you Offer Romantic Lunch Experiences in Bangalore?

Yes, we offer romantic lunch experiences in Bangalore. There are a variety of lunch and dinner experiences as well as home decoration experiences that you can choose from. The best ones in Bangalore are-

  1. Candid Rooftop Dinner
  2. Quaint Garden Dining
  3. Dreamy Poolside at Aloft Dinner
  4. Urban Candlelight Dinner
  5. Rooftop Poolside Candle Light Dinner
  6. Romantic Rooftop Candlelight Dinner
  7. Romantic French Window Dinner

Why Should I Choose the Services of CherishX?

CherishX understands your emotions. We know the significance of relationships and celebrations. This is why we have arranged a variety of experiences for you. We want you to celebrate each and every moment before it lasts. Choosing CherishX will only make it easier for you to have a wonderful time. Also, other than this, cherishx offers you with many benefits-

    • Firstly, you can book your experience with easy steps. 
    • Second, you get a lot of things prepared for you at affordable prices.
    • Thirdly, we prepare for you the kind of experience that you want. Whether it is birthday surprises, romantic lunch, or candlelight dinners, we do our best to help you make your celebrations exquisite!

How Should I Book a Romantic Lunch Experience with you?

Booking the services of CherishX is easy. You don’t have to run here and there. The steps to book are simple. You can sit right at your place and book an experience or decor of your choice.

To book an experience or any decor, you need to follow these steps-

  • Select an experience/decoration you love.
  • Select your date and time to complete the booking.
  • Fill in your address and other details.
  • Complete the payment.

There you go with your booking!

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