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Book a Themed Birthday Decoration for your Kid’s Birthday with CherishX Birthday Decorators

Theme birthday parties are the new cool trend these days. With so many characters and so many movies to choose from, it’s a whole lot of fun for kids and a dilemma for parents to plan and host one. A theme party restricts the planners to certain ideas and certain colors which sometimes make arrangements for theme parties tedious. We get the struggle and we also get the young little fans of their respective favorites. Hence, we have tried to answer some frequently asked questions about birthday theme parties. We hope it helps you get a perspective and a way out to plan the best birthday ever.

What are some birthday theme suggestions?

If you are planning a birthday party for your kid and wondering what theme to pick, the best way to figure that out is to ask your little one and figure what’s their favorite cartoon character. However, if your kid is too young to express his preferences, the following themes can work well for a birthday party:

  • Peppa Pig theme
  • Boss Baby theme
  • Hot Air Balloon Theme
  • Disney’s Up inspired theme
  • Unicorn theme
  • Minion theme theme
  • Harry Potter theme
  • Superhero/Avengers theme
  • Football theme
  • Cricket theme
  • Mermaid theme
  • Jungle theme
  • Magical mermaid theme
  • PUBG theme
  • Frozen theme
These are the top preferred themes by kids these days.

How to plan a themed birthday party?

To plan a themed birthday party, you need a roadmap, a to-do list, and lastly your kid for creative inputs! To begin with, figure out what all you might need to procure/arrange like the caterers, the venue, decorations, gifts, clothes, etc. then get going with making the bookings and buying everything needed. Next is to invite your guests with a fair notice time in hand so that they can plan their things in accordance with that. This is a rough outlook on how to plan a themed birthday party. For an elaborate idea, read our blogs on how to plan a Peppa Pig theme decor, Minion theme decor and The Boss Baby decor.

How do I do theme decorations for a kids birthday party?

This is the tough part. Decorations for non-themed parties are easy. All you need is balloons, tapes, and confetti, and that’s just about it. However, decorations for a themed birthday party is a tad bit tough because you need to put in elements that get along with the theme. For eg. For a cricket party, you might need standees or cut-outs of your kid’s favorite players. In case of a mermaid party, you can’t miss the water princess Ariel. Then you need color-coordinated balloons and other decorations. At this point, you might consider dropping the whole theme party idea but don’t! CherishX might help. We specialize in decors and kids birthday decoration is one of them. We make your tedious task easy by having professional decorators doing the job for you at your desired location, once you book a decor package with us. All the above-mentioned themes are available with us for decors.

How do I book birthday theme decor with CherishX?

Follow the steps below to book a kids theme birthday decoration with us:

  • Choose a kids’ birthday decor package according to your choice of theme.
  • Select the date and time for decor.
  • Fill in the required details like your address, requirements, customizations, etc.
  • Complete the payment process
That’s it, you’re done! All you have to do is sit back and relax while our team does the job for you.

How do I arrange a theme birthday cake?

You can always visit the bakeries near you and get a cake customized for the party. How the cake turns out to be, depends on the artist baking and designing the cake. This can be a little risky because the perfect theme birthday cake is the highlight of a perfect theme party. But, if you book decorations with CherishX, you can add fondant birthday cakes according to your theme as customization in your package. So, the struggle of the perfect cake is taken care of by CherishX.

What can be kids birthday decoration themes for girls?

The following can be the themes for a girls birthday party:

  • Peppa Pig decor
  • Magical Mermaid Decor
  • Unicorn dreams Decor
  • Elsa frozen theme birthday decor
  • Minions decor
  • Flying Hot Air balloon decor

What can be kids birthday themes for boys?

The following can be the themes for a boys birthday party:

  • The boss baby decor
  • The minion decor
  • Superhero kid decor
  • Cricket theme decor
  • Football birthday decor

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